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w00t - still able to run 5k

after a 9mo hiatus, due to running injuries, a blown out ankle, and general off-bandwagon fallingness, i'm happy to report, after a few recent  attempts, that i ran 3mi today, straight.  avg speed 5.8, much slower and more painful than back when i was forced to stop... but whatever!  progress.  :)  maybe i can get back up to a 10k again...    (yar... easy there tiger)

that is all.  n_n"

First 5k of 2009

After not running as much this winter, I've signed up for my first 5k of 2009. It's on 4/19/09, so about 2mos away.

I'm hopelessly out of shape, I managed to run 20min, yesterday, but that was it. And that was slower than I used to do last fall, after I finished c25k. Much slower pace.

Do you think I can start the program over from wk5, and be ready for the race on April 19th? I'm thinking I should be fine with that, but I wanted to see what other's thoughts are.

Expedition Everest Challenge report

I think a few of you Orlando-area folks were considering this one, but I forgot to ask who was going before we left for our vacation. Was anyone else there?

Official Disney press release

This was the race that made me decide to try the C25K program. We had a Disney vacation planned for the week of the race anyway. There are some Disney fangirl sort of comments included here. I did the college program years ago and we had FL resident passes back when we lived in South Florida. I've been at WDW every October since 1998 except 2003 & 2004 when I was pregnant with twins and had infant twins.

We went to Disney's Wide World of Sports on the day of the race for our packet pickup. I don't know what it was like on Friday, but on Saturday it was fairly organized. We signed the waivers, picked up our swag (food samples, shoe purse, glade plug-ins, random other stuff) and our tech shirts. DH also bought one of the t-shirts and a travel mug with the race logo. I wanted a shirt, but as usual, the fit was long and tight which just does not work for me. We had our four-year-old twins with us and did not wait for the course overview.

Our packet included two one-day, one-park admission tickets that expire on 10/10 and were only good for Epcot or Animal Kingdom. IMHO, this was worthless. I really wish I could have paid less for the race registration instead of receiving these and I know I'm not alone. I was planning to toss ours in the trash but ended up giving them to T & E who did drive up from Ft. Lauderdale with baby M to visit with us on Friday & Saturday. They used them to go to Epcot on Saturday while baby M stayed with her parents.

We checked the boys in to the Cub's Den at Wilderness Lodge at 5:30 and headed over to the AK. We had been instructed to be in our corrals by 6:30, which was insanely early given that they started the 11 waves of the race 5 minutes apart, starting at 7 PM. This means we sat on the hot blacktop parking lot for well over an hour. This race was designed to be run in two person teams, although singles could register too. Teammates wore the same bib number and only one person wore the timing chip. The waves were lined up by team make up with the single runners in the first wave, male-male teams in the second wave, female-female teams in the third and fourth, and co-ed teams split among waves five through eleven by bib numbers. We were in the sixth wave, so it was 7:25 PM before we got to start.

There was a bag check, so we checked our car keys, some water bottles (just in case), and the small camera. I had thoughts of running with the camera and trying to take pictures, but decided against it. I did keep my cell phone with me in the small pocket of my capris just in case something happened with the boys.

I suppose the team makeup made it impossible to start runners by pace, but once again, we had to weave in and out of walkers while faster runners had to work their way around us. By the second mile, we caught up to the walkers from the wave before. Right after the start, we were funneled down from a two-lane road to one lane, which only made the situation worse. Many runners, including us, went over to the grass as Disney security was there and not allowing anyone on the other side of the cones blocking us to one lane.

We started in the AK parking lot and made a big loop around the parking lot and obstacle course before heading into the park, up the left side of the Oasis, around the left side of the Tree of Life, over to Africa and backstage behind some of the animal pens before coming around to Asia, past Everest, past Chester & Hester's, out through Dinoland and again backstage and around to the parking lot. Mile one was mostly parking lot, mile two started behind the animal pens, and I can't remember where we hit mile three. It was getting dark as we started and was total dark as we made the turn behind the animal pens.

You can see someone else's pictures here. We couldn't see any of the stuff going on up at the start line, but heard it all.

DH decided to run at my pace, which is slow. I set my Garmin to autolap every mile and it reports that I did the first mile in 11:29, the second in 11:43 (including a one minute or so walk break), and the third mile in 11:42. I was struggling in that last mile, backstage behind Dinosaur, weaving around a lot of walkers and generally having a tough time. I did kick it up to 9 min/mi for the last stretch down the chute, but there was no offical time break at the end of the 5K/start of the obstacle course. Probably the best part of the race was coming out of the Oasis and heading down the hill towards the Tree of Life as the sun went down. I remember thinking, "oh yeah, this is why I took up running back in February".

There were a lot of runners wearing hydration belts and Camelbak's, which I thought was hysterical. It's a 5K race people! With two water stops! There were also in some sort of costume or custom shirt, which did entertain us during the long wait to start. Memorable team names include "The Donner Party" and "Yeti, Set, Go".

I could have used a water stop at the start of the obstacle course, but there wasn't one. The first obstacle was three 4 ft or higher beams to hop over. I probably could have pushed myself up and swung my legs over, but there were a lot of other runners and I would have kicked someone. DH boosted me up and over all three. Then we had to climb a rope pyramid. Up and over, no big deal. I went down forwards, but many were turning around at the top. Going up, I noticed that Lou & Deanna Mongello (WDW Radio Show Podcast, Disneyworld Triva Book) was right in front of us. The next obstacle was a balance beam to walk. I was a bit concerned for DH, but we both did it quickly, then we had a 15-20 foot dirt crawl under a net about 18 inches off the ground. He did it hands & feet, I did it hands & knees.

Then we grabbed the scavenger hunt booklet & pencil and headed back into the park. By then I felt a bit rested and we actually jogged some of the way back in. Back up the left side of the Oasis, passing some who were in the last waves to start and off to solve the four questions. It quickly became clear that there were different versions of the booklet, I read later there were eight different sets of questions. The questions were not hard if you didn't overthink them and some CM's were helping more than others. Honestly, if you just stood still and listened to the other runners, you'd get all the answers pretty quickly.

Once we had all four questions answered (our last one was right in front of Everest) we came back around to Dinoland to the real finish. DH got his chip cut off, we got our medals, we handed in the book and were told that we had all 4 questions correct. We got a powerade & a banana. I remember seeing bagels too, but I'm not sure what else.

We finished the whole thing in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

We went to retrieve our bag and saw Lou Mongello again. I introduced myself and talked to him for a minute. He gave me some WDW Radio Show buttons and copy of his audioguide to Adventureland CD, something I'd never buy but am interested to check out. There were a lot of women in the restroom washing off their hands and knees.

DH and I headed first to ride Everest. The line was about 15 minutes long and we both enjoyed riding in the dark. It's a great coaster in the daytime but even better at night. After that we went to ride Kali River Rapids with no line at all. We got soaked! We walked back by Everest and saw the line was more like 30-40 minutes. DH hates Dinosaur and I think the only other ride open was Triceratop Spin. What a shame that Primeval Whirl was closed during this time. Anyway, since the childcare was costing us $22/hour, we decided to head back and retrieve our children so everyone could get some rest. We did not stay for the award ceremony.

video from Disney

I'm still working my way through the Freeway to 10K program on Podrunner. I don't do their music, just the running plan. My job is seasonal and I was pretty stagnant with my training through late August & September. I didn't really increase milage or speed, just tried to keep up. Work is over for a few months now and I hope to get up to a 10K distance, improve my speed, and do more crosstraining or at least get in for some aerobics classes at the Y.

What is everyone else up to?

Aaaaand we're back.

Okay, so in the past month I've traveled from my little island home of Miyakojima, toured around Taiwan and then Tokyo, readjusted to being back in the United States, and gone to the largest fan-run sci-fi/fantasy convention in the world. And I've run exactly 3 times. All since coming home. I feel like I've had good reasons. Walking around foreign countries, lugging waaaay too heavy suitcases up stairs and above my head to the luggage racks on trains and planes, going through a massive life change, but it's been a month, and now that the convention is over, I have no more excuses.

Today's run, (number 3) was harder than the others. I'm still trying to adjust to the differences of not living by myself (I'm back with my boyfriend of 9 years), of actually having people who want to see me (I did my run around noon today, because I'm hanging out with a friend that I've had since junior high tonight), of the sun setting earlier (I use to be on a latitude of Key West, and now I'm back in Atlanta, GA), and not having employement to build a schedule around (we decided I needed a bit of a vacation after the major life change). And it's been really hard to push myself out of the house and run.

However, the scale, she don't lie, and I've gained about 10 pounds in the last month. And on top of that, the runs HAVE been harder. And you know what? Screw that. I worked my butt off (literally) so that I could run those 30 minutes, and I'm not about to let that hard work go to waste.

I would like some advice, however. All of you that have been balancing actual living (because that's not so much what I was doing in Japan), you know, work, loved ones, life, what's your motivation for actually getting out of the house and running? I feel like with all of the changes, I'm having trouble focusing, trouble balancing everything, and thought that if I heard some of your reasons, it'd help.

triathlon race report :)

Did my first sprint tri this weekend.  Huzzah!  Full race report and pics are at my webpage.

after swimming .5mi and riding 15, i finished the 5k off in 34 minutes.  definitely not my strongest, but i had a real wicked stitch in my side (that moved on to both) the duration of the run (and most of the bike).  the hills didn't help either.  at that point i just wanted to finish.  :)

looks like i'm almost having fun.  :)  really i'm just relieved i'm at the end.  :D

check it all out at http://penpen.ca/images/lakeSamish08/  :)  all this made possible by c25k!  in march i couldn't run 5 minutes straight!  w00t!

Midsummer Night's Run

I finished my second 5K race. Read more...Collapse )

w1d3 round 2

Now, this was suppose to be my w1d3 run after my 30 minute run. The wind was KILLER. Like, on the way over the bridge it was fine, strong, but nice. On the way back it was pushing me sooooo hard. The final hill, it literally felt like I was trying to run through water. I gave up, about 2 minutes from the end of my 30 minutes and started to speedwalk, and I went FASTER. It was ridiculous.

So then, I do my 5 minute recovery walk and start on w1d3. Now I've had two minds about this week. I've found the 1 minute interval too easy. But I leave for Tokyo then Taiwan on Monday, and I didn't want to push myself so hard that I got to a point that I'd be pushing myself during my trip. I don't expect to be able to run every other day, and I expect that my progress, due to inactivity, will slow down considerably. I don't want to be pushing myself hard before I leave only to find that the level I make it to while I'm on my trip kills me because I'm running after sightseeing all day. If that makes sense.

But yesterday, I was just sick of it. I accidentally over ran the 60 seconds for the 2nd time that day, and I just said to myself, fine. How far can you do? So after 4 of the minute intervals, I did a 2 minute interval (and felt a bit winded, but good), walked for 90 seconds, did a 3 minute interval (felt a bit more like I did at the very beginning of the program, rather winded and happy that I could walk again), walked for 90 seconds, and then did a 3rd longer interval, but lost track of the time, and was comfortable to run until the end of the 20 minutes, so around 4 minutes. I followed the day with a cool down walk. It was good. I think, I don't know. I think I'll just have to try and see what feels comfortable for me during my trip. I think that if I need to I'll stick with week 2 after my 30 minute run, but I'll forgive myself if all I do is the 30 minute run and a 30 minute walk, if that's how tired I feel. Or less, if I find that I don't have time after seeing everything I want to see. I can exercise any day, I can walk around Takoro Gorge probably once in my life.

w9d3 and beyond!

With very little pomp and circumstance, I finished couch to 5k. I did my week 9 day 3 on Saturday. I did it down by the port, nice, flat, cushy. I kept a good pace the whole time, didn't feel extremely winded at the end of it. It went really nicely--more of a normal running day than a completion to a program (I started on May 23rd, so it took me 1 month and 4 weeks, I usually didn't take 2 days off a week, just ran every other day).

I still can't run for 5k yet, I did the program on time, not distance, so what I started today was My Plan. I've been walking 30 minutes after my run for the past 3 weeks or so (starting at 10 minute walks, and moving up 5 minutes each week, until I got to 30 minutes), and today, seeing how I'd finished week 9, I started week 1 day 1 after a 5 minute walk at the end of my 30 minute run. It went well. I felt awesome during the first few intervals, and didn't even really get uber tired at the end. I found and kept my running pace quickly, and was amazed at how fast that minute went by, remembering just 2 months ago how long that 60 seconds seemed, how it never seemed to end. I'm really positive that I can work it that I'll be able to run one hour in about 2-3 months (I'm moving back to the US from Japan about halfway to April, but in the meantime, I've got one more week here and then I'm traveling in Taiwan and mainland Japan for about 3 weeks. While I'd like to be optimistic that I'll be able to run regularly while traveling, I'd rather be realistic, and plan to run when I can, but not push myself when I've been sightseeing all day in the outdoor heat). On today's run, which I did on the Kurima Bridge, I saw 1 sea turtle, 3 really long thin fish (light gray, about 1.5-2 feet long), and a really long large brown thing that I thought may be another turtle or possibly a dolphin, but turned out to be most of a tree trunk.

Even though I'm not yet able to run the 5k yet, is it okay to start posting here? I'm really interested in what you all have to say for advice on pushing yourselves farther. My first goal, of course, is to be able to run the hour, with the sub-goal of a 5k race of the non-virtual variety, but I'd like to eventually do a 10k, I'm signed up for one next 4th of July, but I'd like to do one maybe this winter, maybe a half marathon sometime next year.

x-posted to couch_to_5k and couch25k_grads

Virtual 5K results

I'm dumb and just realized everyone was posting their results as an entry here. I commented in the original post but here it is for all to see, lol. I wasn't a member of this community until a couple minutes ago.

So, I did it yesterday (Monday). I mapped a route in a direction I've never taken for a run, but I've walked everywhere along it. I purposely made it a flat route because I've been running some hills lately and my right hip and ankle have been acting up, so I wanted to take it easy on them.

Everything went fairly well. I developed both the hip and ankle pain somewhere between 18 and 20 minutes into the run but managed to keep them from becoming agony by really concentrating on form.

Near the end I somehow managed to accidentally hit a button on my stopwatch so I don't know the exact time! SO ANGRY. First time EVER running 5K AND it was a race and I don't know the exact time. GRRR. I actually wanted to cry when I finished because I was so upset about the stopwatch, and it kinda ruined my sense of accomplishment. But oh well, I didn't allow it and tried to console myself with the knowledge that I ran 5K for the first time in my life! But anyway, based on where I was at the last time I looked at the watch (about 29 mins), I was running at about a 10:30/mile pace (which is also consistent with recent runs) so I theoretically should have finished in about 33 mins. So, since I don't know EXACTLY, I understand if I can't actually "place" in the race.

So, recap:
33:00 5K (Approximately)
10:30/mile pace (Approximately)

This was sorta kinda my week 9, day 3, so I guess I'm a grad now.

Virtual 5K

I finished the C25K in late March and started on a 10k training program. I got a few weeks into it, ran my first 5K (34:43) and got discouraged. I felt gross, I had a hard time breathing and crossing the finish line was one of the top 5 most embarrassing moments in my life. I managed to get out and run a few more times, but stopped in the middle of May. I haven't run since.

I signed up for the virtual 5K hoping that it would be the kick in the butt I needed to get back out running. For whatever reason, it wasn't. BUT I signed up for it, and damn it, I was going to do it. So after not having run more than 10 yards at a time in exactly two months, I laced up my shoes, grabbed my husband and dog and set out for a late-night run.

I did it. I DID IT. I ran the whole thing. HOW, I have absolutely no idea! Twelve hours later and I'm still amazed. I had no problem breathing, I felt confident and my body felt great.

Distance: 3.1 mi
Time 35:45 (with 3 doggie pit-stops included)

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